Manhattan Shaolin is run by disciples of Master Guolin from Shaolin Temple Overseas Headquarters.

We don’t require contracts . . . we offer a dynamic curriculum that keeps students captivated and coming back for more. We want students who are committed simply because they enjoy our classes and see the benefits of our training.

Unify Body and Mind

Our unique curriculum provides instruction in internal and external practice. Besides the obvious benefit of improved physical fitness, students also report improvement in unexpected areas such as memory, mood and concentration. Shaolin practice isn’t just about martial arts, it is also a form of meditation leading to greater awareness and health.

Achieve Your Goals While Learning This Traditional Art

  • Improve focus

  • Performances for your event

  • Develop discipline

  • No contracts and hidden fees

  • Corporate workshops

  • Small classes for individual attention

  • Friendly, non-competitive environment

  • Lose weight and increase fitness

  • Private Instruction and group lessons

  • Discover the mind body connection

We welcome new students of all fitness levels.

We are located in Chinatown and easily accessible to Soho, Brooklyn, Lower East side, East Village and West Village. Please visit our contact page for location information.

Class sizes are small and take place in a non-commercial environment. If you’d like to learn more about the school, please contact us at at 646 481-4595 or to schedule a time to try or watch a class.


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