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Qigong is for everyone, whether you are an accomplished athlete or suffering from poor health. This internal energy (Qi) cultivation exercise (Ba Duan Jing and Yi Jin Jing are two of the most well known) from the Shaolin Monastery has roots in Taoism, 5 elements theory and Buddhism. There is an emphasis on conditioning the dantian (lower abdomen) to improve the health of the entire body.

Shaolin Kungfu is a martial art that was born in the Songshan Shaolin Temple’s (Henan, China) Buddhist cultural environment and has been evolving for the last 1500 years. With roots in Yin Yang and the Five Elements Theory, it evolved as a way to support Buddhist practice and is a manifestation of the spirit of traditional Chinese culture. Our classes reflect this tradition and provide a complete curriculum of internal and external training. 

Qigong for Martial Artists:  This class aims to help martial artists and athletes develop explosive power, stamina and resist injury. It will strengthen the muscles, tendons, and ligaments while achieving a balanced state of internal energy  in the human body. It is a crucial part of iron body training. This practice consists of a thorough warmup, stretching, breathing and movements to achieve these athletic goals.

Recovery Qigong: This class is specially designed for those who are recovering from an illness or injury. It is also suitable for senior citizens. We combine breath work with specific postures and stretches to improve the health of our organs and nervous system. Persistent practice will balance your body’s energy by increasing blood flow and clearing blockages in the meridian system. In addition to physical improvements, some of the other positive effects you may notice are emotional balance and a quieter mind, making this an excellent addition to your regular treatment regimen.

Children’s kungfu ages 6 and up: We use the teachings of traditional martial arts to instill the values of respect, concentration and discipline in a fun and rewarding environment. We want children to want to come to class and feel the benefits of achievement through dedicated and persistent work. Classes consist of stances, stretches, jumping drills and forms. Our goal is to see children develop good listening skills, calmness, improved health and high confidence – all valuable traits that will help them with anything they choose to do in life.

Adult Kungfu: This is a complete workout that develops your strength, balance, flexibility, stamina, and explosive power with stretches, plyometric drills  and calisthenics typical of Shaolin Kung fu training. In addition to the incredible physical conditioning you will receive, you will learn the profound art of traditional Northern Shaolin. It consists of learning ancient forms that will sharpen your memory as well as the practice of beautiful, functional movements that teaches you to unite mind and body.


  • 1 month unlimited Kungfu and/or Qigong classes – $135
  • 3 months unlimited Kungfu and/or Qigong classes – $360
  • 1 month Recovery Qigong classes only – $120
  • 3 months Recovery Qigong classes only – $320
  • 1 month for Children’s classes – $120
  • 3 months for Children’s classes – $320
  • $25 try one class

** An appointment is necessary to try or watch an introductory class! Please contact us at 646 481-4595 or to reserve a spot. If you are under 18 years old, you must by accompanied by a parent or guardian your first day.

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